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Street Projects 2019

Street Department Installs Speed Bumps (CT 03/22/19) - After several complaints of speeding through the alley behind Chillicothe State Bank and several local businesses, the Chillicothe Street Department installed two speed bumps. Jeff Gillespie, street superintendent, said there have been several incidents where people walking out of the back door of the bank have almost been hit by cars speeding through the alley. According to the Chillicothe Police Department, the speed limit in alleys may be 25 mph; however, officers advise that 25 mph seems a little fast for alleys, and drivers should always use caution, especially in alleys and other areas with pedestrian traffic.

CT Photo / Angie Talken

The list of Street Projects for the City of Chillicothe in 2019 received approval by the Chillicothe City Council Monday, October 29, 2018. The original list had only one addition.

For the Major Street Projects:

  • Continuing with the curb and gutter on Hickory, which turns into Cowgill, from the railroad to Jameson Street

  • Concrete for Mitchell Road from Ryan Lane, north to the Railroad Tracks

  • Asphalt Overlay and Curb and Gutter

  • Second Street from Washington to Wilson

  • First Street from Washington to Wilson

Chip Seal Projects include:

  • Calhoun, Webster, Jackson and Clay from Vine to Walnut

  • Vine, Elm, Locust, Cherry and Walnut from Clay to Polk, Cherry from Polk to Bryan


Street Projects 2018

CT 04 11 18 - The city of Chillicothe has entered into an agreement with Livingston County to work cooperatively in repairing roads of mutual interest. City council members unanimously passed an ordinance authorizing the agreement during their regular meeting Monday evening, April 9, 2018, at City Hall. The proposal had already received county approval. According to the agreement, the county will provide $50,000 per year for road improvements.

CAPTION: C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

Litton Road, which runs along the east side of Green Hills Golf Course south to Danner Park, is riddled with potholes and deterioration and may be considered for improvements through a mutual agreement between the city of Chillicothe and Livingston County. An agreement approved by both parties calls for the county to provide $50,000 annually to improve roads of mutual interest with the city. The city would at least match the county's funds - dollar for dollar - on whatever road project is selected for improvements.

03/02/18 - Chillicothe City Council members approved the list of streets slated for improvements this year as presented by Street Superintendent Jeff Gillespie during the regular council meeting at City Hall Monday evening, February 26, 2018. The actual scope of work for each street has yet to be determined; however, the list of streets are as follows: Fairchild Street, between Lambert and Dorney streets; Hickory Street, between 3rd Street and the railroad tracks; Paul Street, between Jackson and Herriman streets; Oak Street, between 11th Street and John F. Kennedy Ave; Springhill Road, between Fair Street and the city limits; Peacher Street, between Clay and Grandview streets. Broken Arrow Road, between Tomahawk Road and Fair Street, also is included on the list. This project has existing storm water infrastructure that is slated to be reconstructed. It was previously designed and the existing plans will be modified. The council on Monday tabled discussions regarding an ordinance approving an engineer contract for this year's street project.


Street Projects 2017

C-T 06 16 17 - The Chillicothe Street Improvements continue on with more projects. M& M Utilities will continue working on Tomahawk Road the rest of this week and next. They are placing the storm drainage pipes in order to install the new curb and gutters. M&M's Asphalt contractor (Tandem Paving Company) will start milling and paving next week. On Monday, they will start milling on Windle Drive and Forest Drive. Milling on Forest Drive, from Irving to Windle, and on Windle Drive. From Fair St. to Methodist Church Driveway. On Tuesday they will be milling on Green Street from Samuel St to 5th Ave. They will also be milling at Danner Park on the walking Trail. After the milling is done, they will begin laying new asphalt on each of these routes. All of these projects and dates are weather permitting. Please follow all signs and watch for workers in the road.

C-T 06 02 17 - The start of Chillicothe's street improvement program for 2017 will begin next week, weather permitting. The first street M& M Utilities will begin with will be Tomahawk Drive between Mohawk and Broken Arrow. The contractor will be placing storm drainage tiles and inlets along this section of road. Along with the storm drainage, curb and guttering and an asphalt overlay will be added to this street. This work will take a few weeks before the asphalt contractor comes in to do the overlay to finish this street. The contractor will work along the city right-of-way, which could impact residents along this street; however, each resident will have access in or out of their drives at all times during this construction period, the superintendent added. "Please be patient at all times as they are improving our street," Arthur stated. "Follow all street signs and the contractor will work with each resident to make sure there are no problems during this period." Work is expected to begin Tuesday or Wednesday.

$1M Planned for City Streets
List includes portions of Brunswick, Tomahawk, 11th, Green, Forest, Windle
By Catherine Stortz Ripley, C-T 05/10/17

Chillicothe city streets will receive more than $1 million in improvements this year, the biggest streets budget in at least several years. The city's street improvements budget has been around $800,000 and $900,000 the last couple of years. The increase is largely due to the use tax, which the city began collecting last year. Last year, the use tax generated $274,000; this year, the tax is expected to generate $306,000. City Council members during their regular meeting Monday evening approved a contract with M& M Utilities, in the amount of $1,052,514 for city streets. M& M Utilities submitted the lowest of two bids for the 2017 street improvement project. The initial bids submitted were $1,717,000 from M& M Utilities, and $2,202,000 from Irvinbilt. Because the bids came in higher than the amount of funds available, two streets were removed from the final project list. The largest projects on the street improvement plan are Tomahawk Road from Mohawk to Broken Arrow and Brunswick Street from Third Street to the railroad tracks. Tomahawk is slated for curb and gutter, storm drainage and the addition of a 2-inch overlay to match the curb and gutter. The budget for Tomahawk is $284,427. Brunswick's project calls for rebuilding the road with curb and gutter and improving storm drainage. Brunswick Street's budget is $269,557. Other roads on this year's improvement project list are: 11th Street from Elm Street to Trenton Street (curb and gutter, milling 1-inch and adding two inches of asphalt; from Broadway Street to 10th Street (curb and gutter, storm drainage, milling one inch and adding two inches of asphalt overlay.); 10th Street South of 11th Street (drainage pipe replacement); Green Street to Samuel Street west to 5th Avenue (overlay, adding three inches of asphalt); Forest Drive - Irving Avenue to Windle Drive (mill one inch, lay two inches of asphalt); Windle Drive - Methodist Church to Fair Street (mill one inch, lay two inches of asphalt). The two projects removed from the initial list were portions of Fairchild Street and Broken Arrow. The Fairchild Street project would have been the area between Dorney and Lambert streets. The project would have involve complete reconstruction of the road for an estimated cost of $300,000, Arthur stated. The Broken Arrow project would be from Tomahawk to Fair Street, for an estimated cost of $206,000. The contractor is expected to begin as early as June 1.

Street Projects 2016

September 6, 2016 - A 2-inch asphalt overlay is put on the west side of Polk Street, from an area just east of the bridge to State Street. Street Commissioner Barry Arthur stated that the old asphalt was milled and removed and new asphalt laid on Polk Street and along the side roads at their intersection with Polk Street to ensure a smooth transition when turning from one road to another. 

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

Crews began the laying asphalt on Polk Street after finishing an asphalt overlay project on Third Street, from Cowgill to Grandville, on Friday. This area of Third Street began last year with the installation of curbs and gutters and on Friday, crews finished laying asphalt. M&M Utilities is the general contractor on this year's street resurfacing project and Metro Asphalt is doing the asphalt work. Polk Street is expected to be finished this week. Crews will go back in on some streets that were left unfinished last year, Arthur said, stating that work will be done around manhole covers JFK, Peacher and Grandview to make a smooth driving surface. Later this fall, asphalt crews will be doing work at the airport.

August 17, 2016 - Chillicothe Street Department employees frame a portion of Bridge Street, where the previous road surface once had a steep incline and led to a bridge that had been demolished a couple years ago. The road project will increase safety at the entrance of Midland Empire Gas, which is financially assisting with the project; will make the street easier to maintain in the winter because it won't have the steep incline; and will provide access to homes on the north side of the road which, previously, were accessed via an alley, according to Street Superintendent Barry Arthur. Once the new road is finished, the alley (shown on the left side of the photograph) will be closed. Crews planned to finish putting in rebar this morning and pour concrete by mid-morning. The city also plans to level off what used to be the bridge approach on the east side of the railroad tracks.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley


August 25, 2016 - Work began in earnest as crews removed about 700 feet of Brunswick Street between Ryan Lane and Story Street. M&M Utilities is the contractor for the project and began removing pavement on Tuesday to make way for road improvements. The project consists of pouring a new concrete street with curb and guttering, along with storm drainage to alleviate high water problems.

PHOTO: Catherine Stortz Ripley 08 25 16

July 22, 2016 - M & M Utilities has completed the first of four phases for the street improvement 2016 project on Brunswick Street. Currently, the street has been closed from the railroad tracks to Madison Street. This section will reopen on Monday, July 25, at 8 a.m. At the same time the second phase will be closed which will run from Madison Street to Story Street. This section should move along rather quickly in the next few weeks, then continuing to Ryan Lane. This improvement consists of a new concrete street with curb and guttering along with storm drainage added to alleviate any high water problems. Street Superintendent Barry Arthur asks motorists to be patient as this construction will move along more efficiently with everyone's cooperation. He also expressed appreciation to the businesses and residents for their consideration during this construction phase. Motorists are reminded to follow and abide by all work zone signs.

C-T Photo / Brittany Tutt


June 2, 2016 - The city of Chillicothe will begin the 2016 street projects next week with M & M Utilities as the contractor. The first street to be rehabbed will be Brunswick Street from the railroad tracks south to Ryan Lane, according to Street Superintendent Barry Arthur. This particular project will be completed in four phases. "This will be done so as not to close down any business along this street," Arthur stated, noting that some inconveniences will occur. This project will consist of removing the current asphalt driving surface and replacing it with new concrete with curbs and gutters. On Monday, June 6, a portion of Brunswick Street will be closed to all traffic. This portion will stretch from the railroad tracks to a point south of Madison Street. Once this portion is removed and replaced, the contractor will move south and close off another area. Arthur urges motorists to use another route when traveling through this area and follow all construction signs and barricades.

City Street Projects Still Incomplete
By Catherine Stortz Ripley
January 14, 2016

City streets that received asphalt overlays as part of last year's street program are significantly completed and, in general, are in good shape; however, in several areas where the contractor milled around utility covers (storm drain and sanitary sewer lids) work has yet to be done because the road surface is uneven in those areas. Chillicothe Street Commissioner Barry Arthur provided an update of the city's street work during the council's regular meeting Monday evening at City Hall. He said that the uneven areas were because the contractor may not have milled down deep enough or added more asphalt that what should have been used. There are four places on JFK Street and one or two on Peacher Street that need to be fixed. Work on Bryan Street, from Edgewood to the west end of the First Baptist Church parking lot, is still incomplete; and the contractor, Missouri Curb and Pavement, is facing liquidated damages at a rate of $250 per day. This section of street was closed for about two months while the previous broken-up asphalt street surface was removed and a new concrete street with curb and gutter was installed. Although the street is open for travel, one storm drain in the center of the project, which is made of brick, must be rebuilt. Arthur also stated that there is a drainage issue at the corner of Edgewood and Bryan Street that has yet to be addressed. Arthur stated that contractor was given 120 days to get all its contracted street projects completed. With the wet weather eliminating possible work days from the schedule, the final date for completion was set at October 15. Cold weather is now affecting the project and some days likely will be discounted. Just how much will be discounted has yet to be determined. As for Third Street, between Woodward and Grandview, the contractor has completed the curbs and gutters. Because of limited funds, the city chose to do the 2-inch overlay this spring and summer. Prior to the overlay, the road surface will be milled. Fairway received curb and gutter and asphalt overlay last year. Many of the city's street projects still need backfilling, as well as seed and mulching. These include Park Avenue, Fairway, Bryan and Third streets. The best time for mulching and seeding, Arthur stated, is in February and March.

West Third Street Improvements
October 7, 2015

CT Photo

Work continues on Third Street, between Woodrow and Grandview, where the city is installing new curbs and gutters to address drainage problems. Storm drainage has already been set underground, and the contractor, Missouri Curb and Pavement, is in the process of putting in the new curbs and gutters on both sides of the road. Street Superintendent Barry Arthur said that drainage along this section of road has been a problem and that water has cut big ditches along the road. These ditches are being filled in. There were areas where the ground was eroding and the road's asphalt began to break away. Funds did not allow the city to put new overlay on the road this year; however, Arthur stated that he planned request funds for the overlay in next year's budget. The project began about three weeks ago and is expected to be completed by the end of next week.

Downtown Improvements

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

Chillicothe street crews remove eroded red brick at the northwest corner of Webster and Locust streets on Tuesday, September 1, 2015. The brick will be replaced with dyed, stamped concrete. This work is part of a project to replace and repair pedestrian corners in the downtown area and make them ADA accessible. Crews have already replaced the eroded sidewalk brick on the north side of the courthouse.

Council OKs 2015 Street Projects
May 27, 2015

Chillicothe City Council members approved this year's street projects with the successful bid going to Missouri Curb and Pavement in the amount of $833,398.23. The biggest project from the Permanent Street Fund is slated for Third Street, from west of South Woodrow to Grandview. This area will receive curb and gutter and storm drainage improvements. The list of projects was presented to council members by Street Superintendent Barry Arthur. Other permanent street fund projects this year are:

  • Fairway Street, from U.S. Highway 65 to North Fair Street. This area will receive curb and gutters, storm drainage improvements, a 2-inch overlay, milling and wedging.
  • Bryan Street, from Edgewood to an area west of the Baptist Church. This area will receive total concrete replacement as well as curbs and gutters.
  • Park Avenue, where the concrete of the cul-de-sac will be completely replaced.
  • Fairlane Street, in the area of Bel Air, will receive storm draining improvements. In addition to the Fairway project, the city plans several asphalt projects, including:
    JFK, from Easton to Locust streets (2-inch overlay, milling, wedging);
    Peacher Street, from Sunset to Clay (2-inch overlay);
    Grandview Street (2 inch overlay)

The city has budgeted $653,902 from its permanent street fund and $179,495 from its asphalt budget to pay Missouri Curb and Pavement. The city has also budgeted $60,000 for various concrete replacement projects.

The first day of City Clean Up was held Wednesday, April 9, 2014, from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. at the transfer station on Mitchell Road. Refuse Director Troy Figg said the first day of cleanup saw light traffic in comparison to years past. The next three dates for clean up are Saturday, April 12; Wednesday, April 23; and Saturday, April 26, all from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

2014 STREET PROJECTS - The Chillicothe Street Department hosted a town hall meeting at 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 2, 2014, in the Council Chambers of City Hall to discuss the list of street projects to be completed this year. Street Superintendent Barry Arthur led the meeting. The projects were approved at a prior council meeting. On June 9, 2014, the projects were bid out with approval by City Council.

July 31, 2014 - Effective immediately and until further notice, the bridge over the railroad on LIV 247, near Lowe's Acres and the former Catfish Place restaurant is closed for traffic. There is a major issue with the support beams and other parts of the structure that the City deemed to be an immediate cause to close the bridge, according to Assistant Street Superintendent Leroy Snidow. The bridge will remain closed until it has been repaired and cleared by an engineer for safe usage.

Permanent street projects for 2014 are:

  • Morningside Drive - complete replacement from Morningside Center south to Central and Trenton (July 8, 2014 - workers were busy with this project starting at Morningside Center and going to the south edge of Lakeview Drive. Once this concrete is removed and replaced, workers will continue south to the intersection of Central and Trenton Road. See photo below.)
  • Country Club Drive - adding curb and gutter to Country Club, starting at the north edge of Lambert Drive, south to where it makes the curve at Dorney Drive;
  • Adam Drive - increasing the size of the drain box at its intersection with Tomahawk, realigning a nearby ditch, and lining the ditch with rock; July 29, 2014 - The west end of Adams Drive near Tomahawk will be closed on Wednesday, July 30. The road will be closed but residents may travel down the east end of Adams. The closure should last no longer than August 15, weather permitting.
  • M&M will also expand the parking lot at Chilli Bay Water Park.

C-T Photo / Morningside / Beth Cox July 8, 2014

Roads slated as part of the 2014 overlay program are:

  • East Street - a 2-inch overlay from East Jackson to Route V;
  • Springhill - a 2-inch overlay from Fair Street to near the city limits (east side of the bridge);
  • Fairview - 2-inch milling and 2-inch overlay from Arcadia to Broken Arrow;
  • Grandview - 2-inch overlay from Calhoun to Webster

The city budgeted $150,000 for overlay projects this year. A portion of Peacher Street was included on the list, if funds were available; however, this project was removed because bids came in too high. The city received three bids for its street improvement projects, ranging in price from M&M Utilities, LLC, as the low bidder with $830,130.95, followed by the next lowest of $890,803, and the high bid of $996,339. Council members approved the bid submitted by M&M Utilities. Work is expected to be completed within 60 calendar days once the contractor is given the notice to proceed. According to the contract, liquidated damages are set at $250 for each consecutive calendar day beyond the initial 60 days that the project is incomplete. M&M will also expand the parking lot at Chilli Bay Water Park this summer, with costs split between the city's parks and street departments.

June 5, 2014 - Bryan-Washington intersection to close for improvement. The Chillicothe Street Department will close the intersection of Bryan Street and U.S. 65 / Washington St. on Monday, June 9, at 8 a.m. The intersection will be closed to all traffic between Washington and Cherry Streets due to equipment in roadway. During this closure, the turn radius on the north side of Bryan St. will be expanded to allow any traffic longer than an automobile to turn safely without driving over the curb. Street Superintendent Barry Arthur asks motorists to be patient during this closure while crews improve this intersection.

Approved 01/13/14 - Chillicothe Street Superintendent Barry Arthur presented his proposed list of 2014 street improvement projects to the Chillicothe City Council during the council's regular meeting Monday evening, January 13, 2014, at City Hall. The city council unanimously approved Arthur's project list, and he will begin the planning stages of the projects. Once receiving bids on projects, the superintendent will choose which projects will be completed according to the amount of money in his budget and will appear before the city council to seek project approval. Arthur's list was divided into two categories - projects that would be paid for out of the permanent street fund and projects from the improvement of streets budget.

Projects under the permanent street funds list include replacing concrete on Morningside Drive from Trenton Road to Morningside Center and finishing the street, curb and gutter work. Curb and gutter repair is planned for Country Club Drive from Fairway Street to Fair Street, Tomahawk Road from Mohawk to Broken Arrow, Fairway Drive from Country Club to Missouri Highway 65 and Third Street from Grandview Avenue to South Woodrow. Arthur also wants to redesign the drainage structure and ditch at Adams Drive on the west end at Tomahawk.

Street projects coming from the improvement budget include overlay on East Street from East Jackson to Route V, Fairway Drive from Ridgecrest Drive to Missouri Highway 65, Springhill Road from Fair Street to City Limits, Walnut Street from Normal Street to Simpson Park, Fairview Street from Broken Arrow to Arcadia Street, JFK Street from Easton to Locust, Grandview Street from Calhoun Street to Webster Street, Tomahawk Road from Mohawk to Broken Arrow and Peacher Street from Clay Street to Webster Street.

November 6, 2013 - Street Projects

Third Street Update - Third Street, at the Canadian Pacific Railroad tracks, will be closed for street repair on Thursday, November 7, until Friday, November 8, according to Chillicothe Street Superintendent Barry Arthur. Motorists should use an alternate route while street repairs are being made, Arthur said.

Portion of Mohawk Road Closed for Work - One hundred feet of Mohawk Road was closed for street replacement Tuesday, October 1, 2013. Asphalt will be removed and replaced with concrete, and all driveways and drainage will be improved at the same time. The project will take about three-and-a-half weeks to be completed, when the next 100 feet of Mohawk Road will be closed for street replacement.

C-T Photo / Austin Buckner / 10 01 13

Starting Monday, September 30, 2013, Mohawk Road will be closed from U.S. Highway 65 to the east approximately 100 feet for street replacement. The asphalt will be removed and replaced with concrete. All driveways and drainage will be improved at the same time according to information provided by Missouri Curb and Pavement Company through Chillicothe Street Superintendent Barry Arthur. This project is expected to take approximately 3 1/2 weeks to complete. At that time, the next 100 feet will be closed for street replacement also. At no time should any resident or business be denied access in or out, Arthur stated. They may have to enter or leave in a different direction than what they are used to but will still have access. Motorists are asked to be patient while this road improvement takes place and be cautious while driving around this road construction. If you have any questions, you may call Dick Cox at 660 646-3774, or Barry Arthur at 660 646-3811.

The new Third Street project that included completing the concrete street for its final three blocks from Vine Street west to U.S. 65 had its final concrete pour and opened on Friday, September 13.

On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, Metro Asphalt, another sub contractor for M & M, will be moving into Chillicothe to mill old asphalt off the streets that are to be repaved. Those streets include Crescent Drive from South Woodrow through the street; East Jackson from Orchard to East Street; and Snow Street and the adjoining alley from Washington to Locust Street. Asphalting of those streets is scheduled to start on September 9 and should take only a couple of days.
Drivers are asked to use caution where the work projects are underway.

The subcontractor (Johnson Concrete) for M & M Utilities moved from Third Street to Crescent Drive on the west side of the city to repair curbs and gutters in one location midway through the street. Johnson Concrete then moved to Park Lane and Morningside for an approximately one block concrete pour. As of September 30, 2013, Park Lane is nearing completion and should open in about a week. Once Park Lane is complete, work will start on a small section of Morningside Drive near its intersection with Park Lane.

Motorists traveling on Park Lane will need to establish alternative routes for about the next three weeks as crews tear up existing concrete and prepare for pouring new concrete between Maple Street to Morningside Drive. The project, conducted by M&M Utilities, also closes the intersection of Maple Street and Park Lane. Work started Thursday, August 22, 2013.

C-T Photo 08/23/13 / Catherine Stortz Ripley

Sidewalk Ordinance
City Council Meeting 08/26/13
An ordinance was passed creating an agreement between MoDOT and the city allowing for the city to take over sidewalk improvements. Sidewalks will be poured connecting the high school to the bowling alley and movie theater, pedestrian buttons will be installed at the stoplight at the intersection of Highway 190 and U.S. Route 65 and the sidewalk will continue south on 65 to the new hospital. "You can walk to the high school, you can walk to the bowling alley, the movie theater, then over to the hospital and down 65," City Administrator Ike Holland said. "Eventually, we'll start going down 65 right to downtown. The overall project is to have walkable, usable sidewalk from the high school all the way down to McDonald"s." Holland said this overall project is going to take a few years to complete because it would be done in stages. One hundred and fifty feet of concrete was to be poured August 27, 2013, in front of the bowling alley and movie theater.

08 27 13 C-T Photo / Austin Buckner

Storm Cleanup
CT May 8 2013

CT Photo Austin Buckner

City workers and inmates from the Chillicothe Correctional Center clean brush along Morningside Drive. Last week's May snow storm damaged trees and brought down limbs city-wide. Street Commissioner Barry Arthur planned to complete brush clean up by the end of the week.

City Removes Snow, Ice Along Calhoun Street
CT 12 27 12

CT Photo

Crews with the Chillicothe Street Department used a front loader to clear snow and ice debris from the December 19 storms off of the sides of Calhoun Street - on the north side of the Chillicothe City Hall - Thursday morning (December 27) and into the back of a dump truck for hauling.

Mitchell Road Between Corporate Drive and Business 36
November 9, 2012

Starting Monday, November 12, 2012, Mitchell Road between Corporate Drive and Business 36 will be closed to one lane of traffic according to M & M Utilities. Construction will begin on this section of road with pavement sawing to start the project. Work crews will be removing the asphalt roadway surface and replacing it with concrete. They will have temporary traffic signals on each end of the project to allow traffic to flow through the construction site while improvements are being made. Please note that drivers can expect delays on this section of road.

Borden Street Work Begins

M & M Utilities started work on Borden Street this week (102312). Work includes removing the old broken up curbing in order to replace it with new curbing, according to Chillicothe Street Superintendent Barry Arthur. Once the curbing is in place, the company will be milling off several inches of pavement in order to replace with new asphalt. This process could take a few weeks to complete, Arthur stated.

M & M Utilities will be contacting homeowners to inform them of this project and will be placing flyers in the doors of those they cannot reach. All driveways should have access during this construction period. Arthur asks motorists and residents to be patient as this work progresses.

Council OKs Local Street Improvement Bid $316K Under Budget
August 16 2012

On top of approving the go-ahead on the upcoming "Chilli Bay" waterpark and an ordinance setting up the possibility of excess firework detonation days within the city of Chillicothe in the coming years, the Chillicothe City Council also approved a bid recommendation for future Chillicothe street improvement projects during the August 13, 2012, regular meeting. Chillicothe Street Superintendent Barry Arthur revealed to the council that the city had received two bids from an advertisement they had published in the July 19, 2012 edition of the Constitution-Tribune, involving Construction of Street Improvements. One was from APAC-Missouri, Inc., of Columbia, Mo. ($679,296), and one from M&M Utilities, Inc., of Chillicothe ($645,249.25).

Arthur recommended to the council that they accept the lowest bid. "I would recommend we accept the bid of M&M Utilities, and I am thrilled that they are local contractors," he said. Arthur noted that the M&M bid was $316,303 less than what engineers had originally estimated the project's overall total cost to be. "We will be under budget," Arthur said. "There will be extra money."

The council put the measure to a vote, and passed it 4-0.

The project (No. 12103.01) includes the following items (with M&M's bid number in parenthesis behind each):

  • Mobilization, insurance, bonding, etc. ($35,000).
  • Asphaltic pavement surface milling (includes surface preparation, milling, transportation of milled material to city site. Materials to be retained by the City.
  • Webster Street - 2-inch asphalt surface mill from Elm Street to Vine Street ($4,256); Borden Street - 2-inch asphalt surface mill from Lambert Street to Dorney Street ($11,388).
  • Asphaltic pavement locations: Asphalt overlay - BP-1 including Street and Shoulder repair Country Club Drive - 2-inch asphaltic pavement overlay from Dickerson Street to Dorney Street ($68,211); Jackson Street - 1 1/2-inch asphaltic pavement overlay from Dickerson Street to Highland Street ($27,984); 10th Street - 1-inch asphaltic pavement overlay from Broadway Street to 11th Street ($11,594); 10th Street - 1-inch asphaltic pavement overlay from Trenton Street to Oak Street ($17,918); Webster Street - 1-inch asphaltic payment overlay from Elm Street to Vine Street ($8,792); Borden Street - 2-inch asphaltic pavement overlay from Lambert Street to Dorney Street ($37,752).
  • Removal of Asphaltic Pavement includes removal of six inches of pavement and two inches of road base and transportation of materials to city site. Materials to be retained by city.
  • South Mitchell Avenue - Asphaltic pavement removal from Corporate Drive to Business Highway 36 ($11,120); South Mitchell Avenue - Road Base Removal from Corporate Drive to Business Highway 36 ($11,120).
  • Removal of reinforced concrete roadway, includes removal of six inches of concrete roadway material and transportation of material to city site. Materials to be retained by City. Existing curb and gutter to remain in place. Adam Drive (westbound) from Washington Street (various) to Church West Entrance ($1,100); Adam Drive (eastbound) from Washington Street (various) to Church West Entrance ($982).
  • Reinforced concrete roadway includes installation of 8-inch thick reinforced concrete roadway tied into existing curb and gutter, including surface preparation. South Mitchell Avenue from Corporate Drive to Business Highway 36 ($290,510); Adam Drive (westbound) from Washington Street (various) to Church West Entrance ($28,737.50); Adam Drive (eastbound) from Washington Street (various) to Church West entrance ($25,654.75)
  • Removal of curb and gutter, includes removal of concrete material and transportation to city site. Borden Street - roll back curb and gutter from Lambert Street to Dorney Street ($1,590).
  • Installation of concrete curb and gutter. Borden Street - curb and gutter installation from Lambert street to Dorney Street ($46,640); Compacted base materials ($2,400); Finish grade, seeding, and mulch ($2,500).

City Partners With Corrections
June 18, 2012

C-T Photo / Amanda McKay

The area under the viaduct from Washington to Wabash has been cleared by a group of Chillicothe Correctional Center detainees. The city of Chillicothe has partnered with the Chillicothe Correctional Center on a work release program that has female offenders helping clean up the city. Barry Arthur, street department superintendent, commented that the above area was beginning to look "park like."

Street Work at Webster and Jensen intersection
June 12, 2012

C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke

The Chillicothe Street Department began a concrete replacement project at the intersection of Webster Street and Jensen Street Tuesday beginning at 7:30 a.m. The project is slated to take two days. Citizens are asked to take alternative routes around the area. Crews will be on-site until 3:30 p.m. on both days.

City Paints Cement Sign Posts
05 11 12

C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke

A pair of personnel assisted in brightening up a few select street signs across Chillicothe on Thursday. These persons, with the Chillicothe Street Department, took to painting several cement sign posts in the middle of town, with this particular post being at the corner of First and Vine streets. Street Superintendent Barry Arthur said that these sign posts needed some touch-up work. White paint was used.

City Council Meeting 04/09/12

The council gave its stamp of approval to the list of city streets identified for work in 2012, amounting to more than $1 million. The largest project on the list is Mitchell Road, from Ryan Lane to Business Route 36, which is slated for white-topping, a process which involves milling off much of the asphalt surface and then pouring concrete. Street Superintendent Barry Arthur stated that the concrete surface would make the road more durable for the heavy truck traffic that uses that road. This project, estimated to cost $468,050, is among several that will be funded through the city's permanent street fund budget. Other street work included from this fund will be for Adam Drive and Borden Street.

From the overlay program budget, projects include Borden Street (from Lambert to Dorney), Country Club (from Fairway to Dorney), Jackson (from Dickinson to Highland), 10th Street (from Broadway to 11th Street, and from Trenton Road to Oak Street), and Webster Street (from Elm to Vine).

From the street department's chip seal budget, the city is looking at projects on Herriford (from Madison to Lilly), Liberia (from Madison to Curtis), Curtis (from Asher to Liberia), Conn (from Curtis to Henry), Waples (from Church to Conn), Lilly (from Brunswick to Henry), Primrose (from Henry to Herriford), Mack (from St. Louis to Linn), and Missouri (from Bridge to East Jackson).

Other streets were suggested, including Morningside and Park Lane, and Litton Road. Arthur stated that while many roads are in need of repairs, the funding is limited.

C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke 02 01 12

Workers with the Chillicothe Street Department were out in the nice weather, filling cracks and (as shown above) putting their street-sweeper machine to use. The above crew-men detached a hose from the side of the sweeper to suck up leaves piled into the drainage ditches alongside Polk and 11th streets, among others.

Repairs to Fair Street
June 23, 2011

Crews from the Chillicothe Street Department tear up a patch of roadway along Fair Street early Thursday morning, June 23, 2011.

C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke

What it is: Street workers look to tear up, re-lay, and replace wearing patches in the roadway along Fair Street, between Bryan and Springhill streets.

Crews with the Chillicothe Street Department had closed off Fair Street early Thursday morning, between Bryan Street and Springhill, near Grand River Technical School, for the process of repairing parts of the roadway that had worn away with usage.

Crew members took out chunks of the road with a jackhammer Bobcat attachment and a bucket scoop in the morning time and were expected to re-lay the surface later that day. The project should be completed by the afternoon, and the roadway will be open again to traffic after things settle down and dry, which, in this case, is forecasted to be Friday morning.

The Street Department stated that extended travel and weather along the roadway eventually chips away at its surface, making driving conditions rough. The re-laying and repair are standard procedure for the department.

Third Street is Open
October 27, 2010

One of the major construction projects of the summer of 2010 was completed recently with the second phase of East Third being opened to traffic. The $732,848 project was Phase Two and gives motorists and property owners a beautiful and wide street with new sidewalks and curb and guttering. The contractor was M & M Utilities of Chillicothe.

Second phase of East Third (Photo by City 11/09/10)

CAPTION BELOW: As the re-paving of Third Street comes to an end, crews worked on replacing sidewalks along the south side of East Third. The city's permanent street project on Third Street began in July 2009. According to City Engineer Ron Urton, Third Street was officially completed on Saturday, October 23, 2010, and motorists are asked to watch for signs posted for additional work being done over the next week or so.

C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke

City Projects in Full Swing
By Paul Sturm, Constitution-Tribune 
September 29, 2010

A break in rain this week was welcomed for construction crews in Chillicothe as concrete was poured on Third Street and work began on the city's curb maintenance program.

Workers from M&M Utilities, of Chillicothe, work feverishly pouring concrete on Third Street, between Vine to Brunswick streets. The pouring began Tuesday and continued today. When finished, this 1,200-foot section will be 30 feet wide and have new curbs and gutters. The project is running on schedule and is slated to be completed by November 1, according to Street Superintendent Hugh Musselman.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

Prep Work on Third Street
Thursday, July 30, 2009

C-T Photo/Laura Schuler

Chillicothe Municipal Utilities workers replace some water lines on east Third Street this morning in preparation for street replacement work which is scheduled to be performed on that stretch of road next week.

According to Street Superintendent Hugh Musselman, road replacement on the west side of the project stretches from the Brunswick Street intersection to the railroad tracks right-of-way. He noted that Third Street, east of the railroad tracks to Mitchell Avenue, is now open to local traffic.

Street Work to Top $1 Million
Published: Thursday, March 26, 2009, C-T

The city of Chillicothe plans to spend just over $1 million to improve its streets this year with the 2009-10 installment of the permanent street program amassing the lion’s share of funding.

Third Street, between Mitchell Avenue and Brunswick Street will be reconstructed with a concrete road surface as well as concrete curb and gutter. The radius will be improved at all intersections along this stretch of roadway and minor storm water work will be done, according to Street Superintendent Hugh Musselman. The intersections along Third Street are at Brunswick, Edgerton, Turner, St. Paul and Mitchell Avenue. This section of roadway — between 1,500 and 1,800 feet in length — is slated for reconstruction because of an increase in commercial traffic flow and the difficulty of commercial vehicles to negotiate the intersections, Musselman said. Funding for the permanent street is part of the proposed city budget expected to be approved by city council members Monday night. Also Monday night, the council will review the seven bids received for the project. Musselman said that some of the bids had come in below the engineer’s estimate and that a recommendation will be made to the council on Monday. If approved, work could begin as early as April 15. The project would have a 180-day (calendar day) schedule. The Third Street project is funded through the half-cent sales tax which goes to the permanent street fund.

Other roads slated for significant improvements are West Mohawk Road and Litton Road, with both projects being funded through the capital improvement sales tax fund. The West Mohawk Road project, estimated to cost $58,755, involves asphalt work beginning at a point just east of the water tower and extending to Litton Road. The Litton Road project, estimated to cost $25,000, involves asphalting at a point beginning just north of West Mohawk and going 900 feet south. Musselman said that the city has been in discussions with Chillicothe Township and Rich Hill Township officials regarding possible cost-share commitments as portions of these roads are in those townships.

Also this year, the city plans to continue its annual street overlay project with around 20 blocks of streets to be improved. The city has budgeted $176,225 for the program which will involve milling road surfaces where needed so that the actual street elevation is not changed and draining not affected. While some streets will have just an overlay, most will have some milling done, Musselman said. Streets identified for the annual overlay program are determined through a rating system and all roads of this year’s project fell below 50, the superintendent stated. The proposed roads identified are:

  • Alexander, from Trenton to 12th Street

  • Asher, from Madison to Waples

  • Asher, from Waples to Curtis

  • Curtis, from Church to Asher

  • J.F.K., from Broadway to Oak

  • J.F.K., from Oak to Maple

  • J.F.K., from Maple to Easton

  • Monroe, from Bryan to Springhill

  • Monroe, from Springhill to Normal

  • Monroe, from Normal to Irvin

  • Sunset, from Calhoun to Polk

  • 12th, from Alexander to 10th

  • 10th, from Alexander to 12th

  • Violet, from Herriford to Henry.

Alleys to be resurfaced include ones from Clay to Ann (between Locust and Elm), from Clay to Ann (between Cherry and Walnut), and from Second Street to First (between Highway 65 and Locust).

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