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Street Department Gets New Dump Truck
10 23 12

The Chillicothe Street Department recently received a brand new dump truck, budgeted within this year's city fiscals, as part of an effort to replace and update mid-90s models within their current fleet. Per Chillicothe Street Superintendent Barry Arthur, the department received the truck a few weeks ago, but found unsatisfactory welds on their model, and sent it back for repairs. The new truck is a 2012 Freightliner. It can hold a 12-foot frontal plow (as opposed to the 11-foot plows on the current models; it can also rotate said plow at a greater angle than the current fleet).

The city budgeted $86,000 for the truck. The bill came in at $105,000. Said City Auditor Theresa Kelly: "It will just have to come out of the Street Department fund." She noted the department recently came in $3,000 under budget on sealing equipment and materials.

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